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Family owned Plumbing, Drain Cleaning, Water Heating for over 60 years in Orlando and Central Florida.

In 1950 George Shrode and his wife Ruth started a Plumbing Business called George Shrode Plumbing Company, based in Orlando (Orange County) Florida. Soon the business moved from the south side of Orlando to the Edgewater / Lee Road area with an all new office, shop, warehouse and the first Plumbing Showroom in Orlando. The business grew and prospered. By the middle 1960's a larger location was needed.

Shrode Plumbing & Mechanical Co. Inc., relocated further north to the Lockhart area, covering three acres at the north end of Pine Hills Road. Shrode businesses here included Central Sanitation Company and North Orlando Plumbing Supplies, both selling materials and operating from the same Overland Road location. Business growth continued with the Disney boom. Soon all of Central Florida was covered. Each city and county had their own Plumbing License. Plumbing Contractor Licenses between George and Norman (the second generation Shrode Plumber) took up two filing cabinet drawers. Norman (after passing the Journeyman plumber test in 1967 at age 19 and Master Plumbing test at age 20) successfully passed the first offered State of Florida Certified Plumbing Contractor Exam. Shrode Plumbing & Mechanical Co., Inc., in addition to a full load of Residential Plumbing, was now doing Commercial and Industrial Plumbing and Air Conditioning for Schools, Factories and Hospitals. Doing four to five million dollars of Bonded Work in Progress over one million Single Largest Bonded Job. The business's grind and constant struggle took its toll. George's goal was now retirement. Norman was now looking towards his family; having the largest and most successful plumbing company in Central Florida was not now a priority. By the early 1980's Certified Plumbing Co., Inc., was no more.

George retired to Western North Carolina, and with Norman going through a brief sabbatical, he went with him. Norman went to Raleigh, passed the State of North Carolina Plumbing Contractors exam. At that point Norman (counting state reciprocity, including the still current State of Florida Plumbing License) was virtually a licensed Plumbing Contractor in the Southeast United States. Shrode Plumbing Company out of Black Mountain, North Carolina was doing plumbing work within a fifty mile radius. Norman was trying his best to keep his mind in North Carolina was getting pressure from his family to return to Florida, and did so in 1985.

Certified Mechanical Co., Inc., jointly owned by Norman Shrode and Ron Edenfield is the next company of this story. Norman and Ron starting out of Ron's home as the only employees at the time and soon after rented a building. Now, at the customers request, they are also doing plumbing. Within a couple of years the permanent location in Apopka was purchased. Certified Mechanical Company, Inc., working in and around Central Florida doing Air Conditioning & Plumbing continued growth each year. The main type of work was mostly custom homes. In 2000, Jason Shrode became the third generation Shrode Licensed Plumber. With growth, the building and property was stretched to the limit and space was limited. Now with thirty company vehicles, the original 5,000 sq ft building had double floor areas, and the total usable space was up to 7,500 sq ft. Between outside material storage and parking company and employee vehicles, the one acre of property was maxed out. Space and work areas and locations were discussed at length. Finally it was decided to split the company. Ron took the Air Conditioning and Norman took the Plumbing. In 2005, after twenty years working together doing Air Conditioning and Plumbing, Certified Mechanical Co., Inc., ended operations.

Certified Plumbing Co., LLC was formed in late 2004. We were delighted to have Rebecca Baldwin join Certified Plumbing as office manager. Rebecca, as of this writing, has been part of the Certified team for over eleven years. Scott McPherson, Certified Plumbing Production Manager, has passed thirteen years of service. Certified Plumbing Co., LLC, has continued on doing all types of plumbing work and services. The main work focus is still Custom Residential. Certified Plumbing Co., LLC, is here to handle your plumbing needs. The Certified Plumbing Co., LLC, principals, Norman and Jason Shrode now have a combined Licensed Plumber experience of over fifty-three years. With types of plumbing experience covering Schools, Factories, Hospitals, Doctor and Dental Offices, Churches, Restaurants, Residential Homes having up to twelve bathrooms and ALL PLUMBING NEEDS in between, Certified Plumbing Co., LLC, is here to SERVE your plumbing needs.