American Lowboy Electric Water Heaters

Ideal for homeowners desiring to fit their electric water heater in a small or confined space (maximum height of water heater is 29 1/2").

  • Dual Heating Elements Screw-in, direct immersion, 4500-watt, 240-volt heating elements
  • Non-CFC Foam Insulation
  • Thermostat/High Limit Control Combination control allows adjustment of water temperature
  • Heat Traps Provided for inlet and outlet to reduce heat loss during standby
  • Anode Rod - Top-mounted, heavy-duty anode protects tank against corrosion, extending the life of the tank
  • Dip Tube carries cold inlet water deep into the tank to minimize temperature dilution of hot water
  • Fully Automatic Controls
  • Protective Magnesium Anode Rod
  • Fused Ceramic Shield Tank for anti-corrosion protection
  • T&P Relief Valve
  • Brass Drain Valve

Model IDModel NameGallon
GPH Recovery
90dF Rise
Height X
2672E61-19L-045DV1920.7na31.25 x 1660
2673E61-40L-045DV3820.70.9231.6 x 22113
2674E61-50L-045DV46.520.70.9131.6 x 24133
2675E62-30L-045DV2820.70.9329.5 x 2294
2676E62-40L-045DV3820.70.9231.6 x 24113
2677E62-50L-045DV46.520.70.9131.6 x 26133
  • 6 Year Warranty Options On Tank
  • 6 Year Component Part Warranty