Scaleblaster SB-150 & SB-175 Residential Electronic Descaler

SB-150 Features

Certified “Go Green” product! Highly recommended in hard water areas and those with tankless water heaters that are scaling up. Ideal for all large houses. Newly designed signal is the most powerful on the market for residential use and is widely appraised as “The Best Water Conditioner” by our dealers around the world. Powerful model was released in 2009 and has been very successful worldwide. Economically priced. UL/ CUL listed.

  • Durable NEMA- 4 rated enclosure for indoor or outdoor installation
  • Works on 115 or 230 VAC automatically.
  • Features a “scanning frequencies” LED indicator.
  • 1000 mA of power with widest frequency scan
SB-175 Features

Our new super deluxe model was released in late 2010 and has been very popular with our dealers and reps worldwide. Designed specifically for those with very hard water and large houses, this is the most powerful descaler in the world for residential use. Same features as SB-150 but 50% more powerful. UL/CUL listed. Great value for the price.

  • Maximum pipe size - 1 ½ ” pipe
  • Water hardness range - 1-25 gpg (1-427 ppm)
  • Pipe Type - COPPER, PVC, PEX
  • Full 10-year warranty
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Reduces Scale Build-Up